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2002 Report for
Antennas & Propagation Chapter
in Russia Section (Moscow)

(Awards: The Best APS Chapter 1997, 1998, 1999 and 2001)  

1. Basic Information

A. Number of APS members as of 31 January:  63

D. Officers for 2002 (The elections were held in December,  2001):



Vice Chair


Name Dimitry M. Sazonov Vladlen I. Gusevsky Sergei P. Skobelev
Address Spartakovskaja St.,
H 6 FL 31,
107066, Moscow,
Krasnokazarmennaja Str., 14,  SRB MPEI, Antenna Department,
111250,  Moscow, Russia
Geroev Panfilovtsev St., 10,
JSC "Radiophysica", Antenna Department,
123363, Moscow, Russia
Phone +7(095)261 59 70 +7(095)362 7842 +7(095)494 95 65
Fax +7(095)362 89 38 - -
Email dsazonov@postman.ru
vlg@okbmei.msk.su jscapex@online.ru 

2. Summary of Activities for January - December 2002

No. Title of Activity Attendance





Administrative Meeting:1)  Prof. D. Sazonov Report about Activity Plans of Moscow IEEE APS Chapter in 2002. February 05, 2002 18 21 39


Seminar with two 45 min lectures: 1) "Microwave diagnostics of the reactor level thermonuclear TOKAMAK installations" (Dr. V.A. Vershkov); 2) "The 2D electromagnetic analysis programs in time domain mode with arbitrary permittivity value (including negative)"(Dr. K.N. Klimov, Dr. B.V. Sestroretzky, Dr. S.V. Soldatov ) :  ,Chair -Prof. Dimitry Sazonov,  February 05, 2002 18 21 39
3 Special meeting of Moscow part CriMiCo'2002 Program Committee together with Moscow IEEE APS Chapter leading members was held at MAI-TU. Moscow IEEE APS Chapter is one of technical and financial co-sponsor this conference. The discussed questions were: 1) Conference schedule and budget; 2) Invited papers; 3) Lectures of leading Russia and Ukraine professors for Sevastopol Students; 4) Recruiting new IEEE members on Conference; 5) Conference social and cultural program. Reception in honor of Dr. Yermolov was held after meeting. February 15. Meeting Chair - Prof. Dmitry Voskresensky, February 15, 2002 15 3 18
4 Joined AP-S & LEOS Session of the Moscow Students Conference REEPE-2002 with our AP-S Chapter members. It was 15 Students Papers (abstracts were published in Conference Proceedings). Chair - Prof. V. Permjakov (IEEE APS &LEOS Member).  February 27, 2002.


11 +
23 stud


5 Special Chapter Meeting: "To memory Prof. Ya. N. Feld  (90th-Birthday)" . The speakers were: Prof. V.V. Shevchenko, Acad. L.D. Bakhrakh, IEEE Fellow Ya.S. Shifrin (Kharkov,Ukraine). Chair -Prof. Dimitry Sazonov,  March 05, 2002 17 27 44
6 Seminar with two 45 min lectures: 1) "Results of the theoretical researches of the radiating rings apertures by means of computer modeling", (Prof. A.I. Domakov,  Dr. V.A. Koshkin, Vologda State Pedagogical University); 2)  "A cautious choice of aperture type and excitation distribution in WPT transmitting antennas", ( Dr.D.M. Sazonov, Dr. S.S. Shaposhnikov, Moscow, MPEI-TU & MRTI ). Meeting Chair - Prof. V.V. Shevchenko,  March 05, 2002 16 20 36
7 Seminar with one 45 min lecture: 1) "Method of Hybrid Antennas  Reflector Shaping on the Basis of Contour Beam Synthesis Algorithm. The Case of One-Dimensional Limited Beam Steering";.(Post-graduate student A.S.Reutov, Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology),  Dr. A.V.Shishlov, JSC "Radiophizika"). Chair -Prof. Dimitry Sazonov,  April 02, 2002 18 19 37
8 Seminar with one 45 min lecture: 1) "Wavelets and method of auxiliary currents", Dr. Anyutin A.P., Dr. Kyurkchan A.G.,  Moscow,Russian New University, Moscow Technical University of Communication and Informatics - MTUCI). Chair -Prof. Dimitry Sazonov,  May 07, 2002 12 11 23
9 Seminar to memory Prof. B.E Kinber with lectures: 1) "Diffraction by Polyhedral Angle-Field in Vicinity of Singular Ray";.(Dr. Borovikov V.A., Benemerita Universidad Autonoma de Puebla (Mexico), Institute for problems of mechanics); 2)  "Hybrid corner antennas",  (S.E. Bankov, E.N. Frolova, D.A. Gorshkov, V.A. Kaloshin, A.V. Kazchuk, M.V. Vesnik); 3) "On development of quasioptic antennas in JSC "Radiofizika", (I.L. Vilenko, A.C. Reutov, A.K. Tobolev, A.M. Shitikov, A.V. Shishlov; JSC "Radiofizika", Moscow). Chair -Prof. Dimitry Sazonov,  June 04, 2002 13 29 42

One–day  Symposium in Taganrog  StateUniversity of Radio Engineering  with four distinguished lectures from our Chapter members: 1) "Characteristics of the Electrically Scanning Short Pulse Antenna Arrays", Prof. D. Voskresensky) ;2) Prof. A. Bratchikov ,"Optical Beamforming Technology for Active Phased Arrays" ; 3) Prof. D. Afonin , "Quasi-optical Electrodynamic  Systems", 4) "Wireless Power Transfer Systems in Microwave and Optical Frequency Bands", (Prof. D. Sazonov).  Chair - Prof. D. Sazonov, June 11, 2002





Special Session "Antennas and Antenna Elements" on 12th International Crimean Microwave Conference "Microwave & Telecommunication Technology" (CriMiCo'2001). It was 45 papers on this session. The full texts have been published in Conference Proceedings. Technical sponsor - Moscow APS Chapter. Chairman - Prof.  D.Voskresensky (Moscow APS Chapter). September 9-13, 2002. Conference website at http://ieee.orbita.ru/aps/  was maintained by Moscow APS Chapter.     15 55 70


Seminar with two 45 min lectures: 1) " On the Ideal Element Pattern in Planar Phased Array Antennas".( Dr. S.P.Skobelev, JSC "Radiophizika"). 2) " "Bandgap theory of light localization".( Dr. Vinogradov A. P, Merzlikin A. M., Yerokhin S. G. ,  (ITAE Scientific association OIVT RAS, Physical Department of Moscow State University). Chair-Prof. Dimitry Sazonov,  October 1, 2002 20 19 39


Seminar with one 45 min lecture: 1) "Diffraction of Electromagnetic Waves by Two Balls with Plasma Plume Presence", (Dr.Kozlov I. P.,  (Moscow Aviation University, Russia). Chair - Prof. V.V. Shevchenko,  November 5, 2002

16 17 33


Administrative Meeting of the APS Chapter in Russia Section Agenda: a) Renewal and Recruitment IEEE Campaign on Year 2003; b) Chapter Plans on Year 2002/2003; c) Chapter Officer Elections on Year 2002/2003 .Chair Prof  Sazonov , November 5, 2002 16 17 33


Seminar with two 45 min lectures: 1) " Applications of fractal theory in radiolocation and electrodynamics problems"  Dr. Potapov A.A.,  (IRE RAS, Moscow, Russia); 2) " Investigation of Pulse Nondistorting Antennas in Lossy Media",  Dr. Iarmakhov I.G., Dr. Popov S.B.,  (IRE RAS, Moscow, Russia). Chair - Prof. V.V. Shevchenko,  December 3, 2002

14 23 37

2. Our Goals and Plans in 2002:

3. Additional  Information

Our APS Chapter (together with Moscow IEEE LEOS Chapter and Student Branch MPEI-TU) has received in the begin of April 2001 the possibility to establish special IEEE office in MPEI-TU. This is two-room working space about 30 sq. meters from MPEI-TU Antennas & Propagation Department at the top floor of the MPEI laboratory building and some space on the roof for placing TV and DBS antennas. We are planning to sign over this place for use as office, APS & LEOS chapter library, and meeting & seminar room. It’s no need to pay any rent to MPEI from IEEE entities, but it will be necessary to have operational costs (cleaning up, electric power, phone, internet, and so on). It’s necessary also to redecorate the rooms and to buy some new equipment. The establishing of the Chapter IEEE office will be one of our main goals in 2001-2002.

Signature: Dimitry Sazonov , Moscow APS Chapter Chair        Date: 19 December, 2002

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