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2005 Report for
Antennas & Propagation Chapter
in Russia Section (Moscow)

(Awards: The Best APS Chapter 1997, 1998, 1999 and 2001)  

1. Basic Information

A. Number of APS members as of 13 January 2005:   72 (this number was 69 in 2004 )

B. Officers for 2005 (The elections were held in December,  2004):



Vice Chair


Name Dimitry M. Sazonov Vladlen I. Gusevsky Sergei P. Skobelev
Address Spartakovskaja St.,
H 6 FL 31,
107066, Moscow,
Krasnokazarmennaja Str., 14,  SRB MPEI, Antenna Department,
111250,  Moscow, Russia
Geroev Panfilovtsev St., 10,
JSC "Radiophysica", Antenna Department,
123363, Moscow, Russia
Phone +7(095)261 59 70 +7(095)362 6360 (+  add voice call 7842) +7(095)494 95 65
Fax +7(095)362 89 38 - -
Email dsazonov@postman.ru pimenova@okbmei.ru jscapex@online.ru 

2. Summary of Activities for January-October  2005

No. Title of Activity Attendance





Administrative Meeting:1)  Report about Activity Plans of Moscow   IEEE  APS Chapter in 2004.(Chapter Chair D. Sazonov).  Date - January 11, 2005

12 19 31


Seminar with two lectures: 1) "Information and energy transport by evanescent waves", Dr. A. P. Vinogradov, A. V. Dorofeenko (Institute for Theoretical and Applied Electromagnetism of JIHT RAS, Moscow, Russia) ; 2) "The development of theoretical foundations and effective algorithm of electrodynamics analysis of antenna systems containing thin cylindrical wire and conductor surfaces on the basis of Fredholm equations", MS Mrs. Buzova M.A, Dr.Udin V.V ( "SONIIR", Moscow, Russia);  Chair -Prof. V. Shevchenko, Date -January 11, 2004 12 19 31


Seminar with two lectures: 1) "Magnetostatic Waves in the Ferrite Films", Dr. A. V. Vashkovsky ( IRE RAS, Fryazino , Moscow Region, Russia) ; 2) "Synthesis antenna array with usage of the modified Widrow algorithm for adaptive arrays", Mr. A.V. Khabarov (VNII "Signal", Kovrov, Russia, engineer);  Chair -Prof. V. Shevchenko, Date -February 08, 2005 10 18 28


Special  Meeting with  lecture:  "Observation of the Huygens probe S-band signal during the descent on Titan with many radiotelescopes on the Earth",   Distinguished Lecturer: Mr. Kees van 't Klooster (ESA - European Space Agency, Netherlands).  Chair D. Sazonov.  Date - February 14, 2005 15 26 41


Seminar with lecture: 1) "Negative Refraction of Ultrashort Electromagnetic Pulses", Prof. Michael Salora (Redstone Arsenal, Alabama, USA);   2) Discussion on the theme. Chair -Prof. Vladimir Shuvalov. Date - Friday February 18, 2005 9 26 35


Seminar with  lecture:  "ON EFFECTIVENESS OF APPLYING THE CONTINUED BOUNDARY CONDITIONS AND HAAR'S WAVELETS IN THE PROBLEMS OF WAVE SCATTERING BY THIN SCREENS" , Lecturer: Dr. S.P. Skobelev (JSC "Radiophysica", Moscow, Russia). Chair -Prof. V. Shevchenko, Date -March 01, 2005    14 25 39
7 AP-S  Session of the Moscow Students Conference REEPE-2005 with our APS Chapter members. It was 6 Students Papers (abstracts were published in Conference Proceedings). Chair - Prof. V. Permjakov.  Date - March 02, 2005. 7 22 29
8 Seminar in MPEI-TU with two reports: 1)  Student  Dovbnja I. S., "Influence of step-type phase and amplitude distributions on pattern of the antenna array with digital control", 2) Students Vasil'ev V.A., Peshkov D.V.,  . "Formation of nulls in pattern of high-gain antenna working under small angles".  Chair - Prof. V. PermjakovDate - March 02, 2005. 6 22 28
9 Seminar in MPEI-TU with two reports: 1) PhD Student Sabirov M.M.,  "Algorithm of calculation current distribution on a wire antenna inside a dielectric layer";  2)  Student Korjukin A.N., "Qualitative and numerical research of an electromagnetic field of system of dipoles",   Chair - Dr. Mikhail Isakov.  Date - March 03, 2005. 5 22 27
10 Seminar with two lectures: 1) "Optical Performance of Rare-Earth Doped Materials", Prof. Feng Song (Nankai University, China);    2) "Propagation of Ultrashort Laser Pulses through Microstructured Fibers",  Ph.D.Student    S.O. Konorov,  (M.V. Lomonosov MSU, Physics Faculty),  3) Discussion on the themes. Chair -Prof. Vladimir Shuvalov.  Date - Friday March 04, 2005 6 26 32
11 6th Annual Conference of   ITAE OIVT RAN (Moscow, Russia). It was presented 22  papers in oral form.  Chair - Academician A.N. Lagarkov, Secretary - A.T. Kunavin.  Date - March 21-23 , 2005 16 55 71
12 AP-Seminar ITAE with two lectures: 1) "MODELS OF THE FOCUSING DEVICE BASED ON THE METAMATERIAL PLATE", A.N. Lagarkov and V.N. Kissel (Institute for Theoretical and Applied Electromagnetism of JIHT RAS, Russia);  2) "ELECTROMAGNETIC RADIATION IN LAYERED SUPERCONDUCTORS",  A. L. Rakhmanov (ITAE RAS, Russia), S. Savelev, F. Nori (RIKEN, Wako-shi, Japan), V.A. Yampolsky (Kharkov National University of Radio Electronics, Ukraine). Chair - Academician A.N. Lagarkov,   Date - March 21, 2005 13 49 62
13 Seminar ITAE with two lectures: 1) "REFRACTION OF MAGNETOSTATIC WAVES IN FERRITE FILMS", E.H. Lock and A.V. Vashkovsky (IRE RAS, Russia); 2) "OPTICAL AND MAGNETO-OPTICAL PROPERTIES OF NANOCOMPOSITES", M.V. Vashuk, E.A. Gan'shina, M.Yu. Kochneva, P.N. Scherbak (Moscow University, Russia), Yu.E. Kalinin, A.V. Sitnikov(Voronezh State Technical University, Russia), YuChong-Oh Kim and Cheol Gi Kim (ReCAMM, Chungnam National Univ., Taejon, Korea).   Chair - Academician A.N. Lagarkov,   Date - March 22, 2005 12 51 63
14 Seminar ITAE with two lectures: 1) "AMPLITUDE-PHASE DISTRIBUTION ANALYSIS OF ELECTROMAGNETIC FIELD IN COLLIMATOR QUIET ZONE", S.A. Fedorov (ITAE RAS, Russia);   2) "ANTENNA'S RADOM FOREBODY SIMULATION", K.M. Baskov (ITAE RAS, Russia).  Chair - Academician A.N. Lagarkov,   Date - March 23, 2005 14 50 64
15 Seminar with lecture: 1) "Opportunities of personal computer EDEM program for the solution of the diffraction and antenna problems", Prof. Pimenov Yu.V. Dr. Davydov A.G. (MTUSI, Russia);   2) Discussion on the theme. Co-Chairs -Prof. A.S. Kryukovskij, D.S. Lukin. Date - March 30, 2005 8 23 31


Seminar with lecture: "The solution of diffraction problems by the methods of continued boundary conditions and discrete sources", Lecturer: Prof. A.G. Kyurkchan and Mrs. N.I. Smirnova (MTUSI, Moscow, Russia).Chair -Prof. V. Shevchenko, Date - April 05, 2005     13 27 40


Seminar with two lectures: 1) "Limits on bandwidth of the resonance spherical E10- or H10-wave radiators" , Lecturer: Dr. V. I. Fedyanovich (MTUSI, Moscow, Russia). 2) "The phenomena in the semi-shielded dielectric waveguide (non radiative dielectric guide - NRD-G, Tisher's H-waveguide)". Lecturers: Prof. Vzyatyshev V.F., Dr. Krutskix V.V. (MPEI-TU, Moscow, Russia).   Chair -Prof. V. Shevchenko. Date - June 07, 2005     13 32 45
18 Seminar with two lectures: 1) "Modern state of the art diagnostic problems in phased antenna arrays (review)", Lecturers: Prof. Shifrin Ya.S., Dr.Liepin' U.R. (Kharkov, Ukraine); 2) "Development on board antenna systems", Lecturers: Prof. Voskresenskij D.I., Stud. Mrs. Ovchinnikova E.V. (MAI, Moscow). Chair: Prof V. Obukhovets. Date: June 20, 2005. 15 39 54
19 Seminar with two lectures: 1) "For a way to creation of the two-frequency longitudinal hard horn radiators", Lecturers: Dr. Skobelev S.P. (Moscow, Russia), Prof. Kildal P.-S. (Goeteborg, Sweden); 2) "Reflector antennas for radiosystems with contour zones of service", Lecturer: Prof. Shishlov A.V. (Moscow, Russia). Chair: Prof. Voskresenskij D.I. Date: June 22, 2005. 13 38 51
20 Seminar with two lectures: 1) "Application of the qualitative theory of the differential equations to the analysis of processes of non-stationary radiation of simple antennas", Lecturers: Prof. Permyakov V.A., Stud. Sorokovik D.V., Stud. Koryukin A.N. (Moscow, Russia); 2) "Group and phase velocities of an unusual wave in magnetized plasma", Lecturers: Dr. Klimov K.N., Dr. Sestroretzky B.V., Dr. Ruchenkov V.A., Dr. Kamyshev T.V. (Moscow, Russia). Chair: Prof.Ya. Shifrin. Date: June 24, 2005. 16 37 53
21 Seminar in the ESA stand at the MAKS2005 Aerosalon (near Moscow, Russia), with presentations: 1) "Antenna Shaping and Phased Arrays", Dr. Sergei Skobelev and Dr. Alexander Shislov (JST Radiophysica, Moscow, Russia) ; 2) "RadioAstron Antenna", Dr. Konstantin N. Klimov (NPO Lavochkin, Moscow, Russia). Chairman: Kees van 't Klooster. Date - 18 August 2005. 9 19 28
22 Seminar with two lectures: 1) "COMBINED MONOPULSE AIRBORNE PHASED-ARRAY ANTENNA BASED ON A RADIAL WAVEGUIDE", Lecturers: Voskresensky D. I., Emelchenkov F. I., Kotov Y. V., Bukharev Y. V. (MAI-TU, Moscow Russia). 2) "THE SCATTERING CHARACTERISTICS OF THE MICROSTRIP REFLECTARRAY WITH IMPEDANCE STUBS", Lecturers: Dr. Kasyanov A. O., Prof. Obukhovets V. A., Dr. Zakovorotny S. I. (Taganrog State University of Radio Engineering, Taganrog, Russia). Chair: Prof.A. Bratchikov. Date: September 12, 2005. 18 39 57
23 Seminar with two lectures: 1) "SIMULATION OF HUMAN BODY AS AN OBJECT OF RADIOVISION", Lecturers: Dr.Mrs. Artemova T. K., Stud. Mrs. Artemova O. K. (Yaroslavl State Uni-versity, Yaroslavl, Russia); 2) "POSSIBILITIES OF SECTIONED MICROSTRIP ANTENNAS", Lectur-ers: Dr. Mishoostin B. A., Dr. Synkovsky M. S., Dr.Slyozkin V. G. (Moscow Power Engineering Insti-tute, Sevastopol National Technical University). Chair: Prof. D. Voskresensky. Date: September 13, 2005. 15 40 55
24 Seminar with two lectures: 1) "INVERSE PROBLEMS OF SUBSURFACE PROBING", Lecturers: Prof. Grinev A. Yu., Dr.Gigolo A. I., Dr.Chesnokov Yu. S. (MAI, Moscow Russia); 2) "OPTIMIZATION OF ANTENNA SPACING IN ANTENNA ARRAY FOR GROUND PENETRATING RADAR", Lecturers: Dr.Lubetsky N. V., Palto A. A. (Institute of Applied Physics of NAS, Minsk, Belarus). Chair: Prof. D. Voskresensky. Date: September 16, 2005. 13 35 48
25 Seminar with two lectures: 1) "Application of a reciprocity principle in the theory of antennas for radia-tion and reception of superbroadband signals". Lecturer: Dr. A.V. Zaitzev (Military Academy in Smolensk, Russia); 2) "Superbroadband radiosystems. State of the art review and perpectives of development". Lecturer: Dr. I. Ya. Immoreev (Moscow Aviation Institute -TU, Russia). Chair: Prof. I. Immoreev. Date: September 27, 2005. 7 57 64
26 Seminar with two lectures: 1) "Application of superbroadband radars at near action radius". Lecturers: Dr. S.V. Samkov, Dr. S.N. Pavlov (Moscow Aviation Institute -TU, Russia); 2) "Algorithm of process-ing of signals of a superbroadband radar for measurement of human vascular system parameters". Lecturers: Dr. A.I. Chernenko, Dr. S.V. Samkov. Chair: Prof. I. Immoreev. Date: September 28, 2005. 8 43 51
27 Seminar with two lectures: 1) "Physical limitations of antennas gain" , Lecturer: Dr.Boris L.Kogan (SRB MPEI, Moscow, Russia). 2) "Calculation of the radiation from open-ended rectangular waveguide using the Hilbert transform". Lecturer: Dr.Gennady S.Omarov, (MNIIRC, Moscow, Russia) .   Chair -Prof. V. Shevchenko. Date - October 04, 2005     11 20 31
28 Seminar with two lectures: 1) "On one approach to creation of dual-frequency hard horn" , Lecturers: Dr. Sergei P. Skobelev and Mr. Sergei A. Ganin, (JSC "Radiophyzika", Moscow, Russia). 2) "Quasi-wave method as the base of analytical technique for development of soft mathematical model in high-frequency electrodynamics". Lecturer: Dr. R.L. Evelson (Academy of Civil Protection of the Ministry of Emergency Measures of the Russian Federation, Moscow, Russia) .   Chair -Prof. V. Shevchenko. Date - November 01, 2005   12 21 33
29 Students Seminar on Conference-2005 in MIPT: 1) "System of three-dimensional visualization of fields and antenna patterns", Lecturer: Stud. Mrs. O. Dobrdjansky; 2) "Algorithms of the finite element method for analysis of waveguide-dielectric arrays excited in the TE modes", Lecturer: Stud. Mrs.A. Memelova. Chair: Prof. A. Shishlov. Date: November 26, 2005. 7 20 27
30 Seminar with lecture: "The ultra-low frequencies magnetic pulsations with exponential type spectra in the Venus foreshock region", Lecturers: Dr.V.A.Morozov and Dr. A.V. Elbakidze (IRE RAS, Moscow, Russia). Chair -Prof. V. Shevchenko. Date - December 06, 2005 13 17 30
31 Administrative Meeting: 1) Report about Activity of Moscow IEEE APS Chapter in 2005. 2) Officer elections in Moscow IEEE APS Chapter on Year 2006. Chair –Prof. D. Sazonov.  Date - December 06, 2005 13 17 30



2. Our Goals and Plans in 2005:

3. The workshops, symposia, educational programs, consulting programs, etc.


Moscow Student Conference (REEPE-2005) with the best student paper contest. Moscow IEEE AP-S Chapter was organizer of Session "Antennas and Propagation" and financial sponsor of the best student paper contest. Place – Antenna Department MPEI-TU.  Chair – Prof. V. Permjakov.  Date:  March 2, 2005.  It was 7 Students Papers.  Abstracts were published in Conference Proceedings.  Attendance on antenna session: 29 (7M+ 22 S). Attendance on Conference ~ 650 (M_25, O_25, S_600). About 1000 Paper abstract were included in Conference Proceedings (three volumes)



VI Annual Conference of Institute for Theoretical and Applied Electromagnetism of RAS (ITAE OIVT RAS, Moscow, Russia). It was presented 23 papers in oral form.  Chair - Academician A. Lagarkov, secretary - Dr. A. Kunavin. Moscow APS Chapter was real co-organizer and technical Co-Sponsor of this Conference. Conference WEB-page at http://ieee.orbita.ru/aps/ was maintained by Moscow APS Chapter.  Dates:  March 21 – 25, 2005. Attendance on Conference: ~70 (M_15, O_55).



International Scientific Conference "Radiation and Scattering of Electromagnetic Waves - 2005" (RSEmW-2005), Taganrog, Russia. June 20-24, 2005. Moscow IEEE APS Chapter was technical co-sponsor and was represented by 6 TPC Members (include honorary chairman Acad. L. Bakhrakh).  It was presented 153 papers of 260 scientists, experts, post-graduate students from high schools and the scientific organizations of Russia, the countries of the CIS and other foreign countries (total 8 countries). Attendance on conference: 247 (M_ 41 + O_ 206). The venue – Taganrog Radio engineering Technical University.



Workshop in MPEI-TU for young specialists and students: "Modern methods of diagnostics in technology -2005 ".  Date: June 28, 2005. Four lectures of professors of leading Moscow high schools on actual problems of laser diagnostics were held during workshop: 1) Prof. Levin G.G. (from Bauman TU) "Optical tomography"; 2) Prof. Mrs. Znamenskaja I.A., (from Lomonosov Moscow State University) "Visualization of gas streams "; 3) Prof. Mrs. Evtihieva O.A., (from MPEI-TU) "Basics of laser gradient refractometry"; 4) Dr. Markovich D.M., (from Siberian Branch of RAS): "Basics of the Particle Imagy Velocimetry-method". In workshop poster session young scientists have presented results of their researches.



15th International Crimean Microwave Conference "Microwave & Telecommunication Technology" (CriMiCo'2005) in Sevastopol, Ukraine. Moscow IEEE APS Chapter was financial and technical co-sponsor and main organizer "Antennas and Antenna Elements" session. It was 44 presentations (include 4 invited papers) on Antenna Session. Chairman - Prof. D. Voskresensky (Moscow APS Chapter).  Conference WEB site at http://ieee.orbita.ru/aps/ was maintained by Moscow APS Chapter.  Dates – September 12-16, 2005. Attendance on conference: ~500 (M_ 50 + O_ 450). 



First “International Conference on Ultrawideband Signals and Ultrashort Impulses in Radar, Communications, and Acoustics” - USUIRCA-2005.  The venue was Suzdal - ancient city, a part of the famous "Golden Ring of Russia". Moscow APS Chapter was co-organizer together with Sci-Technical A.S. Popov Sociiety and Vladimir State University. Dates: September 27-29, 2005.  Attendance ~90 (M_10 + O_80). Co-Chair from Moscov APS Chapter – Prof. I. Immoreev. Selected presented papers were published in English in the special issues of The International Journals of Electromagnetic Waves and Electronic Systems and Achievements in Modern Radio Electronics published by Publishing House "Radiotekhnika", Moscow.



Annual Student Conference at Moscow University of Physics and Technology at Dolgoprudny (near Moscow).  Moscow IEEE APS Chapter was organizer of session "Applied Electrodynamics and Real-Time Systems". It was 6 oral and 5 poster presentations from post-graduate and under-graduate students. Co-chairs: Prof A. Tolkachev and Prof. A. Shishlov.    Date:  November 27, 2005. Attendance on session: 27 (M_7 + S_20)


Moscow APS Chapter together with the Moscow LEOS Chapter received  the possibility to establish special IEEE office in MPEI-TU. This is 30 sq. meters auditorium for chapter meetings and seminars. We have finished this special project. We have made redecoration the room and have bought new office equipment.  The chapter library is placed in this room also. 

Signature: Dimitry Sazonov , Moscow APS Chapter Chair      Last Correction Date: January 10, 2006

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