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2009 Annual  Report for
Antennas & Propagation Chapter
in Russia Section (Moscow)

1. Basic Information

A. Number of APS members as of 1 January 2009:  ~ 70

B. Officers for 2009 (The elections were held in December,  2008):



Vice Chair


Name Dimitry M. Sazonov Vladlen I. Gusevsky Sergei P. Skobelev
Address Spartakovskaja St.,
H 6 FL 31,
107066, Moscow,
Krasnokazarmennaja Str., 14,  SRB MPEI, Antenna Department,
111250,  Moscow, Russia
Geroev Panfilovtsev St., 10,
JSC "Radiophysica", Antenna Department,
123363, Moscow, Russia
Phone +7(095)261 59 70 +7(095)362 6360 (+  add voice call 7842) +7(095)494 95 65
Fax +7(095)362 89 38 - -
Email dsazonov@ieee.org pimenova@okbmei.ru jscapex@online.ru 

2. Summary of Activities for January - December 2009

No. Title of Activity Attendance





Administrative Meeting:1)  Report about Activity Plans of Moscow   IEEE  APS Chapter in 2009.(Chapter Chair D. Sazonov).  Date - January 11, 2009

13 9 21


Seminar with two lectures: 1) "One- and two-dimensional beam forming networks for multibeam antennas on the base of coupled waveguides", Lecturer: S. E. Bankov (Institute of Radio-Electronics, RAS, Moscow, Russia).  2) "One dish objective with a cluster feed system". Lecturers: S. E. Bankov, V. A. Ęŕloshin, E. V. Frolova (Institute of Radio-Electronics, RAS, Moscow, Russia). Chair -Prof. V. Shevchenko. Date - February 03, 2009.

15 17 32


Joined AP-S & PHOTONICS Session of the Moscow Students Conference REEPE-2009 with our Chapters members. It was 17 Students Papers (abstracts were published in Conference Proceedings). Chair - Prof. V. Permjakov.  Date - March 01-02, 2009. 7 20 27


Seminar in MPEI-TU with report: 1) "Study of the diffraction fields with an interferometer", PhD-Student Vladimirov S.V. and Student Ms.  Anis'kova E.N.  (MPEI-TU). Chair - Prof. M.V. Isakov. Date - March 02, 2009. 13 18 31


Seminar with two lectures: 1) "Wide-angled phased array antenna formed by open-ended waveguides with multi-layered metallodielectric medium in front of the aperture", Lecturer: Dr. Andrey A. Prilutskij (Research Institute of Long-Range Radio Communication, Moscow, Russia).  2) "A New Type of the Quasi-TEM Eigenmodes in a Rectangular Waveguide with  One Corrugated Hard Wall". Lecturer: Dr. Sergei P. Skobelev (Company "Radiophyzika", Moscow, Russia). . Chair -Prof. V. Shevchenko. Date - March 03, 2009. 13 18 31


Seminar ITAE with lecture: 1) "PECULIARITY OF FORMATION OF THE BAND GAPS IN CONTRAST PHOTONIC CRYSTALS", Drs.  S.A. Svistkova, A.M. Merzlikin, A.P. Vinogradov (ITAE RAS, Russia).  Chair - Academician A.N. Lagarkov.  Date – March 31, 2009. 10 27 37


Seminar ITAE with lecture:  "PHOTOCONDUCTIVITY OF NANOPOROUS GRANULAR ŃDSXSE1-X FILMS", Drs. A.V. Agaponova , I.A. Boginskaya,V.V. Pogosov and others (ITAE RAS, Russia).   Chair - Academician A.N. Lagarkov.  Date – April 02, 2009. 11 27 38


Seminar with  lecture: 1) "MULTIPLY CONNECTED DIELECTRIC WAVEGUIDES FOR APPLICATION IN DIFRACTION DEVICES", Lecturers: Dr. V. F. Vziatyshev, S. V. Vladimirov, D. V. Nikolayenko (Moscow Power-Engineering Institute, Russia).  2) Discussion on the theme. . Chair -Prof. V. Shevchenko. Date - May 05, 2009. 12 17 29


Seminar with 3 lectures: 1) "On One Generalization of the Method of Extended Boundary Conditions", Lecturers: S. P. Skobelev* and Yu. A. Eremin** (*Company "Radiophyzika", Moscow, Russia, **Moscow State University named after M. V. Lomonosov, Russia).  2) "NONSELF-ADJOINT MODELING STATEMENT AND TOTAL INTERNAL REFLECTION IN THE PEKERIS PROBLEM". Lecturers: B. A. Kasatkin and N. V. Zlobina (Institute of marine technology problems FEB RAS, Vladivostok, Russia). 3) "EFFECT OF SUPERFOCUSING OF NONDIRECTIVE DRADIATION IN THE PEKERIS WAVEGUIDE". Lecturers: B. A. Kasatkin, N. V. Zlobina and S. B. Kasatkin (Institute of marine technology problems FEB RAS, Vladivostok, Russia).Chair -Prof. V. Shevchenko. Date - June 02, 2009. 15 17 32


Distinguished lecture: 1) "Bio-molecular conjugates of diamond nanoparticles and their interaction with living cells (optical study)", Prof. Chia-Liang Cheng (Dong-Hva National University, Hualin, Taiwan). Chair - Prof. Vladimir Shuvalov.  Date -September 11, 2009. [Together with Photonics Chapter] 11 23 34


Distinguished lecture: 1) "Science, technology, and applications of photonic crystal fibres", Prof. F. Rassel (Max Plank Institute of Optics, Germany). Chair - Prof. Vladimir Shuvalov.  Date - September 14, 2009. [Together with Photonics Chapter] 12 24 36


Seminar with lecture: 1) "Self-pinching of ultrashort pulses during filamentary propagation", V.V. Bruevich (Faculty of Physics MSU), Gunter Steinmeyer, Carsten Bree, Ayhan Demircan, Stefan Skupin, Luc Berge(Optoelectronics Research Center, Tampere University of Technology, Finland).  Chair - Prof. Vladimir Shuvalov.  Date - September 18, 2009. [Together with Photonics Chapter] 12 14 26


Seminar with  lecture: 1) "On some versions of constructing the wave theory for the plane metamaterial lens", Lecturers: Dr. Aniutin A. P., Bankov S. E., Vinogradov A. P., Petrin A. B., Shatrov A. D., Shevchenko V. V. (IRE RAS, Moscow, Russia).  2) Discussion on the theme.  Chair -Prof. V. Shevchenko. Date - October 15, 2009. 12 18 30


Seminar with two lectures: 1) "A geometrical-optics analogue of a single mode Hermite-Gaussian beam", Lecturer: Dr.R. E. Ilinsky (Special Design Bureau of the Moscow Power Engineering Institute, Moscow, Russia).  2) "On the aberrations in dual-reflector antennas with axial symmetry". Lecturers: Dr. A. S. Venetskiy, V. A. Kaloshin (IRE RAS, Moscow, Russia). Chair -Prof. V. Shevchenko. Date - November 03, 2009. 14 17 31
15 Seminar with two lectures: 1) "Methods of description of an electromagnetic field on a plane near a three-dimensional scatterer, based on measurement of its values in finite number of points on a closed contour", Lecturers: Dr. Ashikhmin A. V., Pasternak Yu. G., Rembovskiy Yu. A. (Company "IRKOS", Moscow, Russia).  2) "Multilayer planar dielectric waveguides: new analytical results". Lecturers: Dr.M. D. Kovalev (Moscow, Russia). Chair -Prof. V. Shevchenko. Date - December 01, 2009. 15 17 32


Administrative Meeting:1)  Report "Technical Activity  of Moscow   IEEE  APS Chapter in 2009".(Chapter Chair D. Sazonov), Elections of Chapter Officers .  December 01, 2009. 15 17 32



2. Our Goals and Plans in 2009:

3. The workshops, symposia, educational programs, consulting programs, etc.

Our Chapter  participated  in organization of some Conferences and Workshops.


Moscow Student Conference (REEPE-2009) with the best student paper contest. Moscow IEEE AP-S Chapter was organizer of Session "Antennas and Propagation" and financial sponsor of the best student paper contest. Place – Antenna Department MPEI-TU.  Chair – Prof. V. Permjakov.  Date:  March 1 -- 2, 2009.   Attendance on Conference ~ 450 (M_25, O_25, S_400). About 1000 Paper abstract  published in Conference Proceedings (three volumes)



X Annual Conference of Institute for Theoretical and Applied Electromagnetism of RAS (ITAE OIVT RAS, Moscow, Russia).  Chair - Academician A. Lagarkov, secretary - Dr. A. Kunavin. Moscow APS Chapter was real co-organizer and technical Co-Sponsor of this Conference. Conference WEB-page at http://ieee.orbita.ru/aps/  maintained by Moscow APS Chapter.  Dates:  begin of April , 2009.  Attendance on Conference: ~50



19th International Crimean Microwave Conference "Microwave & Telecommunication Technology" (CriMiCo'2009) in Sevastopol, Ukraine. Moscow IEEE APS Chapter was financial and technical co-sponsor and main organizer "Antennas and Antenna Elements" session.  Chairman - Prof. A.N. Bratchikov (Moscow APS Chapter).  Dates – 14-18 September , 2009. Attendance on conference: ~500



Dimitry Sazonov  (Moscow APS Chapter Chair)      Last Correction Date: 12 January, 2010

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