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2010 Annual  Report for
Antennas & Propagation Chapter
in Russia Section (Moscow)

1. Basic Information

A. Number of APS members as of 1 January 2010:  ~ 70

B. Officers for 2010 (The elections were held in December,  2009):



Vice Chair


Name Dimitry M. Sazonov Vladlen I. Gusevsky Sergei P. Skobelev
Address MPEI-TU, Antenna Department, Krasnokazarmennaja Str., 14,   ,
111250,  Moscow, Russia
SRB MPEI, Antenna  Department, Krasnokazarmennaja Str., 14,  ,
111250,  Moscow, Russia
JSC "Radiophysica", Antenna Department,
Geroev Panfilovtsev St., 10, 123363, Moscow, Russia
Phone +7(095)261 59 70 +7(095)362 6360 (+  add voice call 7842) +7(095)494 95 65
Fax +7(095)362 89 38 - -
Email dsazonov@ieee.org vigvam332@rambler.ru jscapex@online.ru 

2. Summary of Activities for  2010

No. Title of Activity Attendance





Administrative Meeting:1)  Report about Activity Plans of Moscow   IEEE  APS Chapter in 2010.(Chapter Chair D. Sazonov).  Date - January 11, 2010

13 9 22


Seminar with two lectures: 1) "Generalized Lorentz-Lorenz formula and artificial quasi-magnetism problem", Lecturer: Yu. N. Barabanenkov (Institute of Radio-Electronics, RAS, Moscow, Russia).  2) "Numerical simulation of dynamics of electromagnetic field in media with negative permittivity and permeability". Lecturers: V. N. Kornienko V. A. Cherepenin (Institute of Radio-Electronics, RAS, Moscow, Russia). Chair -Prof. V. Shevchenko. Date - February 02, 2010.

14 19 33


Joined AP-S & PHOTONICS Session of the Moscow Students Conference REEPE-2010 with our Chapters members. It was 10 Students Papers (abstracts were published in Conference Proceedings). Chair - Prof. V. Permjakov. Date - March 01-02, 2010. 6 19 25


Seminar in MPEI-TU with report: 1) "Calculation of the regeneration length of the fiber-optical transfer system", Student D.A. Basilaja  (MPEI-TU). Chair - Prof. M.V. Isakov. Date - March 01, 2010. 8 14 24


Seminar with two lectures: 1) "A modification of the embedding method for analysis of horn arrays", Lecturers: V. L. Kuznetsov (1), S. P. Skobelev (2), and P. V. Filonov (2) (1 – Moscow State Technical University of Civil Aviation, 2 – Company "Radiophyzika", Moscow, Russia).  2) "Method of computing of two-dimensional etalon radar images of simplest objects". Lecturers S. V. Kovalev, S. M. Nesterov, I. A. Skorodumov:  (Moscow, Russia). Chair -Prof. V. Shevchenko. Date - March 02, 2010. 15 16 31


Seminar with lecture: 1) "Location of human eye optical system elements based on correlation of reference sources wave fronts" (PhD Thesis)”. Lecturer: PhD-Stud. S.O. Galetskii (Faculty of Physics MSU). Chair - Prof. V. Shuvalov.  Date - March 12, 2010. 6 19 25


Seminar in ITAE with two lecture: 1) "LOCALIZATION OF LIGHT IN LAYERS OF EQUAL ADMITTANCE ", Drs. A.I. Ignatov, A.M. Merzlikin and A.P. Vinogradov (ITAE RAS, Russia);  2)  "GRAPHEN: EXTRAORDINARY ELECTRONIC AND OPTICAL PROPERTIES", Dr. Yu.E. Lozovik (Institute of Spectroscopy RAS, Russia). Chair – Acad. A.N. Lagarkov.  Date – March 29, 2010. 10 27 37


Seminar in ITAE with two lecture: 1) " NEGATIVE REFRACTION IN PLASMONIC PHOTONIC CRYSTALS", Drs. I.A. Nechepurenko, A.V. Dorofeenko and A.P. Vinogradov (ITAE RAS, Russia);  2) " INCREASING THE EFFICIENCY OF THE NEAR-FIELD ENERGY TRANSFER WITH THE USE OF METAMATERIALS", Dr. V.N. Kisel,  K.M. Baskov (ITAE RAS, Russia). Chair – Acad. A.N. Lagarkov.  Date – March 30, 2010. 9 26 35


Seminar with two lectures: 1) "Analysis of an array of waveguides with semi-transparent walls for shaping sector element patterns", Lecturer: S. P. Skobelev (Company "Radiophyzika", Moscow, Russia). 2) "An accuracy increasing approach for the physical optics approximation in 3D diffraction problems including diffraction on a plane angular section". Lecturer M. V. Vesnik (Institute of Radio Engineering and Electronics, Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow, Russia). Chair - Prof. V. Shevchenko. Date - April 06, 2010. 16 16 32


Distinguished lecture: 1) "Slow light in layered media”. Lecturer: Prof S Dutta Gupta (University of Hyderabad, India). Chair - Prof. V. Shuvalov.  Date - April 23, 2010. 16 19 35


Seminar with 3 lectures: 1) "Homogenization of randomly microstructured metameterials and artificial quasimagnetism problem", Lecturers: Yu. N. Barabanenkov (1), M. Yu. Barabanenkov (2) (1 - Kotel’nikov Institute of Radio Engineering and Electronics, RAS, Moscow, Russia; 2 - Institute of Microelectronics Technology, RAS, Chernogolovka, Moscow Region, Russia); 2) "Atomic functions and «Arnold tongues» in phase locked loops with samples". Lecturers V. F. Kravchenko, A. R. Safin (Kotel’nikov Institute of Radio Engineering and Electronics, RAS, Moscow, Russia). 3) "Construction of new complex WA-systems of Kravchenko functions in digital processing of temporal series". Lecturers V. F. Kravchenko, D. V. Churikov  (Kotel’nikov Institute of Radio Engineering and Electronics, RAS, Moscow, Russia).Chair -Prof. V. Shevchenko. Date - Junel 01, 2010. 12 22 34


Seminar with two lectures: 1) "Electric fish investigations – junction of ichthyology and electrodynamics", Lecturer: V. M. Olshanskiy (A. N. Severtsov Institute of Ecology and Evolution, Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia).  2) "Analysis of the key equivalence theorem in EM Theory". Lecturer P. Ya. Ufimtsev (Private Paper). Chair - Prof. V. Shevchenko. Date - October 5, 2010. 14 21 35


SCIENCE FESTIVAL in Lomonosov MSU with distinguished lecture from  Prof. V. Shuvalov on theme: "50 years of lasers: Fermat's principle and optical tomography", (with buffet lunch after lecture). Date - Sunday, October 10, 2010.

10 19 29


Seminar with two lectures: 1) "Selective control of side lobes in linear and planar phased array antennas on the basis of the method of aperture orthogonal polynomials", Lecturers: V. I. Gusevsky, P. V. Gnedak, and M. V. Moiseev (Special Research Bureau of the Moscow Power Engineering Institute, Moscow, Russia).  2) " The elementary (point-wise) dipole source, antisource and coupled antisource-source as mathematical models of the electromagnetic wave field singularities". Lecturer V. V. Schevchenko (Institute of Radio-Engineering and Electronics named after V. A. Kotel'nikov, Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow, Russia). Chair - Prof. V. Shevchenko. Date - November 2, 2010 13 17 30


Seminar with lecture: 1) "Calculation of the Field Distribution of an Ultrawideband Short Electromagnetic Pulse in the Radiating Aperture of an Open-Ended Irregular Waveguide", Lecturers: V. I. Koroza and M. N. Golikov (Rosatom, Moscow, Russia).  Chair - Prof. V. Shevchenko. Date - December 7, 2010. 15 16 31


Administrative Meeting: 1) Report about Annual Activity of Moscow IEEE APS Chapter in 2010. (Chapter Co-chair S. Skobelev). 2) Elections on 2010.  Date – December 7, 2010 15 8 23


Average total attendance at the technical meetings: 

10,6 20,4 31

2. Our Goals and Plans for 2010:

3. The workshops, symposia, educational programs, consulting programs, etc.

1 Session "Antennas and Propagation" on Moscow Student Conference (REEPE-2010) with the best student paper contest. Moscow IEEE AP-S Chapter was organizer of Session and financial sponsor of the contest. Place – Antenna Department MPEI-TU. It was presented 8 papers from students. Attendance – 34. Chair – Prof. V. Permjakov.  Date:  March 1 - 2, 2010
2 XI Annual Conference of   ITAE OIVT RAS (Moscow, Russia). It was presented 21 papers in oral form. Attendance ~50 specialists. Chair - Academician A. Lagarkov. Secretary - Dr. A. Kunavin. Moscow APS Chapter was real Technical Co-Sponsor of this Conference. Dates: 29 - 31 March, 2010
3  Session "Antennas and Antenna Elements" on 19th International Crimean Microwave Conference "Microwave & Telecommunication Technology" (CriMiCo'2009) in Sevastopol, Ukraine. It was 34 presentations on Antenna Session. Moscow IEEE APS Chapter was technical co-sponsor and main organizer "Antennas and Antenna Elements" session. Chairman - Prof. D.Voskresensky (Moscow APS Chapter).   Dates – September 14 -18, 2010, place - Sevastopol National Technical University.
4 Session "Applied Electrodynamics and Real-Time Systems" on Annual Student Conference at Moscow University of Physics and Technology at Dolgoprudny (near Moscow). Moscow IEEE APS Chapter was co- organizer of this session. It was 7 oral presentations from post-graduate and under-graduate students.   Date:  November 21, 2010.

Dimitry Sazonov , Moscow APS Chapter Chair            Last Correction Date: 12 January, 2011

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