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2015  Annual  Report for
Antennas & Propagation Chapter
in Russia Section (Moscow)

1. Basic Information

A. Number of APS members as of  31 December  2013:  ~ 70

B. Officers for 2015

  Chair Vice-Chair&Secretary Vice- Chair
Name Sergei P. Skobelev Dimitry M. Sazonov Vladlen I. Gusevsky
Address JSC "Radiophysica", Antenna Department,
Geroev Panfilovtsev St., 10, 123363, Moscow, Russia
MPEI-TU, Antenna Department, Krasnokazarmennaja Str., 14,   ,
111250,  Moscow, Russia
SRB MPEI, Antenna  Department, Krasnokazarmennaja Str., 14,  ,
111250,  Moscow, Russia
Email  s.p.skobelev@mail.ru 9015117120@skypoint.ru vlg98@okbmei.ru 

2. Summary of Activities for  2015

No. Title of Activity Attendance





Administrative Meeting:1)  Report about Activity Plans of Moscow   IEEE  APS Chapter in 2015.(Chapter Chair S. Skobelev).  Date - January 13, 2014

6 2 8


Seminar with  lecture:  "Orthogonal expansions in antenna engineering", Lecturers: V. I. Gusevsky, V. E. Bondarev, (Special Design Bureau of MPEI-TU, Moscow,Russia). ,   Chair - Prof. V. Shevchenko. Date -   February  3, 2015. 

8 19 27


Student Technical  Meeting  in MPEI-TU with 7 student reports (as common session "Antennas and Propagation" and  "Photonics"   on Russia Student Conference REEPE-2015) .  Chair -  Prof. V. Permjakov.  Date - February 27, 2015  5 17 22
4 Seminar with  lecture:  "Some features of the overlapped subarrays built up of beam-forming matrices for shaping flat-topped radiation patterns", Lecturer:  S. P. Skobelev  (Company "Radiophyzika", Moscow, Russia). ,   Chair - Prof. V. Shevchenko. Date -   March 3, 2015.  9 15 24
5 Seminar with  lecture:  "To the theory of the Sommerfeld's surface wave", Lecturer: V. V. Shevchenko (Institute of Radio Engineering and Electronics of RAS, Moscow, Russia).   Chair - Dr. S. P. Skobelev.  Date -   April 7, 2015.  8 17 25
6  Special session of  seminar will be devoted to memory Prf. Boris Zaharovich Katsenelenbaum. Chair - Prof. V. Shevchenko. Date -   May 5, 2015.  10 19 29
7 Antennas and Propagation Seminar in ITAE  RAS  with  two lectures: 1)"SURFACE WAVE SCATTERING BY CONTROLLABLE INHOMOGENEITY". Lecturers: E.V. Kuznetsov, A.M. Merzlikin (ITAE RAS, Moscow, Russia). 2) "MECHANISM OF SUPERRADIANCE OF CLASSICAL NONLINEAR DIPOLES IN SUBWAVELENGTH VOLUME". Lecturers:E.S. Andrianov, N.E. Nefedkin, A.A.Pukhov and others (ITAE RAS, Moscow, Russia). Chair - Acad. A.N. Lagarkov.  Date -   May 19, 2015.  9 25 34
8 Antennas and Propagation Seminar in ITAE  RAS  with  two lectures: 1)"A NEW FEED ANTENNA FOR TAPERED ANECHOIC CHAMBER". Lecturers: N.P. Balabukha, A.S. Zubov, N.L. Menshikh, V.S. Solosin (ITAE RAS, Moscow, Russia).  2) " MATHEMATICAL MODELING OF ELECTROMAGNETIC FIELD IN THE TAPERED ANECHOIC CHAMBER WITH A LENS".  Lecturers: N.P. Balabukha, N.L. Menshikh, V.S. Solosin (ITAE RAS, Moscow, Russia).  Chair - Acad. A.N. Lagarkov.  Date -   May 21, 2015. 8 28 36
9 Seminar with  two lectures: 1)"Smooth transitions in waveguides with infinitely thin edges". Lecturer: S. E. Bankov, (Institute of Radio Engineering and Electronics of RAS,  Moscow, Russia).  2)"Qualitative analysis of evolution of the electromagnetic field radiated by dipole". Lecturers: D. V. Sorokovik and V. A. Permyakov (NRU "Moscow Power Engineering Institute", Moscow, Russia).  Chair - Prof. V. Shevchenko. Date - June  2, 2015.  8 23 31
10 Seminar with  two lectures: 1)"Numerical Electromagnetic Analysis of a Huygens Cube". Lecturers: K. N. Klimov, A. S. Godin, A. I. Kruglov, A. B. Tsai , (Lianozovo Electromechanical Enterprise, Moscow, Russia).  2)"Geometric Interpretation of the Synthesis of a Distribution System for Multibeam Phased Array Antennas". Lecturers: K. N. Klimov, V. V. Perfil'ev, D. O. Firsov-Shibaev, D. S. Gezha (Lianozovo Electromechanical Enterprise, Moscow, Russia).  Chair - Prof. V. Shevchenko.
Date - September  01, 2015. 
7 22 29
11 Seminar with  two lectures: 1)"Screens with antenna radiation pattern cut-off". Lecturers:  D. V. Tatarnikov, I. M. Chernetsky, (Moscow Aviation Institute, Moscow, Russia).  2)"Modeling of the Characteristics of Perfectly Conducting and Impedance Bodies on the Basis of the Method of Auxiliary Currents". Lecturer: E. S. Negorozhina (Moscow Technical University of Telecommunications and Information Science, Moscow, Russia).  Chair - Prof. V. Shevchenko.  Date - October  06, 2015.  9 24 33
12 Seminar with  two lectures: 1)"Solution to the problems of wave diffraction on thin screens ". Lecturer:  H. T. Aleroeva, (Moscow Technical University of Telecommunications and Information Science, Moscow, Russia).  2)"Synthesis and analysis of constrained polifocal lenses with symmetrical focal curves". Lecturers: V. A. Kaloshin, H. D. Nghiem,(V. A. Kotelnikov IRE RAS, Moscow, Russia).  Chair - Prof. V. Shevchenko.  Date - November  03, 2015.  10 21 31
13 Seminar with  lecture:  "Geometric optical synthesis of beam waveguides with pattern symmetry and zero cross polarization", Lecturers: B. L. Kogan, A. N. Plastikov  (Special Research Bureau of the MPEI, Moscow, Russia).    Chair - Prof. V. Shevchenko. Date -   December 1, 2015.  7 18 25


Average total attendance at the technical meetings: 


2. Our Goals and Plans for 2015:

3. The workshops, symposia, educational programs, consulting programs, etc.

1 Common  session "Antennas and Propagation" and "Photonics"  on Russia Student Conference (REEPE-2015) . Moscow IEEE AP-S Chapter was real co-organizer of Session . Place Antenna Department MPEI-TU.  Chair Prof. V. Permjakov.  Date: February 27  , 2015 
2 XV I Annual Conference of   ITAE  RAS (Moscow, Russia).  Chair - Academician A. Lagarkov. Secretary - Dr. A. Kunavin. Moscow APS Chapter was  Technical Co-Sponsor of this Conference. Dates: May 18 -21 , 2015                            
3  Session "Antennas and Antenna Elements" on 24th International Crimean Microwave Conference "Microwave & Telecommunication Technology" (CriMiCo'2015) in Sevastopol. . Moscow IEEE APS Chapter was real technical co-sponsor and main organizer "Antennas and Antenna Elements" session.   Dates   September  6-12, 2015, place - Sevastopol National Technical University. 
4 Session "Applied Electrodynamics and Real-Time Systems" on Annual Student Conference at Moscow University of Physics and Technology at Dolgoprudny (near Moscow). Moscow IEEE APS Chapter will be co- organizer of this session. .   Date:  November 21, 2015. 

 Moscow APS Chapter Chair  Sergei Skobelev                              Last Correction Date: December 4, 2015

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