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2016-2017  Annual  Report for
Antennas & Propagation Chapter
in Russia Section (Moscow)

1. Basic Information

A. Number of APS members as of  31 December  2016:  ~ 70

B. Officers for 2017

  Chair Vice-Chair&Secretary Vice- Chair
Name Sergei P. Skobelev Dimitry M. Sazonov Vladlen I. Gusevsky
Address JSC "Radiophysica", Antenna Department,
Geroev Panfilovtsev St., 10, 123363, Moscow, Russia
MPEI-TU, Antenna Department, Krasnokazarmennaja Str., 14,   ,
111250,  Moscow, Russia
SRB MPEI, Antenna  Department, Krasnokazarmennaja Str., 14,  ,
111250,  Moscow, Russia


 sazonov@orbita.ru ,  sazonovdm@mpei.ru


2. Summary of Activities for  2016-2017

No. Title of Activity Attendance





Administrative Meeting:1)  Report about Activity Plans of Moscow   IEEE  APS Chapter in 2016.(Chapter Chair S. Skobelev).  Date - January 12, 2016

7 1 8
2 Seminar with  two lectures: 1)"Broadband Luneburg lens antennas and feeding network components for wireless communications systems". Lecturer:  P.O. Afanasiev, (Southern Federal University, Rostov-upon-Don, Russia).  2)"Generalized Source Method for rigorous simulation of grating diffraction in the optical band".    Lecturer: A.A. Shcherbakov (Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, Dolgoprudny, Moscow Reg., Russia). 
Chair - Prof. V. Shevchenko. Date - February  2, 2016.
8 17 25
3 Student Seminar with 2 reports: 1) "Design of bifocal antennas", Speaker: Stud. Avdigijan A.Yu. (MPEI-TU, Moscow , Russia).   2) "Design of big antenna arrays". Speaker Stud. Klishin P.A.(MPEI-TU, Moscow, Russia). Chair - Prof. V. Permjakov.  Date March 04, 2016. 4 20 24
4 Seminar with  lecture: 1)"Eikonal aberrations in axially symmetrical dielectric lenses and problems of optimization". Lecturers:  A. S. Venetsky, V. A. Kaloshin (Kotelnikov Institute of Radio Engineering and Electronics of RAS, Moscow), Russia). 
Chair - Prof. V. Shevchenko. Date - April 5, 2016.
5 14 19
5 Antennas and Propagation Seminar in ITAE  RAS  with  two lectures: 1)"SIMULATION OF ELECTROMAGNETIC FIELD DISTRIBUTION IN THE COLLIMATOR QUIET ZONE IN A BROAD FREQUENCY RANGE". Lecturers: N. P. Balabukha, E. V. Bulychev (ITAE RAS, Moscow,Russia).  2) "CROSS-POLARIZED CHARACTERISTICS TAPERED ANECHOIC CHAMBERS".   Lecturers:N.P. Balabukha, N.L. Menshikh, V.S. Solosin (ITAE RAS, Moscow,Russia). Chair - Acad. A.N. Lagarkov.  Date -   May 18, 2016.  8 26 34
6 Seminar with  3 lectures: 1)"The Earth surface illumination by pattern cones of multiple-beam active phased antenna arrays". Lecturers:  I.A. Yuskevich (speaker), V.D. Teplyakov, A.S. Petrov  (Company "Yalini Engineering", Omsk Russia).  2)"Analysis of multiple beam antenna pattern forming process occurring in analog-digital active phased array antennas".    Lecturers: V.A. Ruchenkov (speaker), V.D. Teplyakov, A.S. Petrov (Company "Yalini Engineering", Omsk,, Russia).   3)"Filtering property of the antenna array factor".  Lecturers: A.S. Petrov (speaker), V.D. Teplyakov (Company "Yalini Engineering", Russia). Chair - Prof. V. Shevchenko. Date - June  7, 2016.  6 26 31
7 Seminar with  lecture: 1)"Method of Fundamental Components in the Physical Theory of Diffraction". Lecturer:  M. V. Vesnik (Kotelnikov Institute of Radio Engineering and Electronics of RAS, Moscow), Russia).  Chair - Prof. V. Shevchenko. Date - November  1, 2016.  7 22 29
8 Seminar with  two lectures: 1)"Principles of constructing contiguous ground-based and space-based antenna fields". Lecturer:  V. I. Gusevsky., (Design Bureau of the Moscow Power Engineering Institute, Moscow, Russia).  2)"On excitation of electromagnetic waves in sea water".  Lecturer: V. A. Atsyukovsky (Zhukovsky, Moscow Region, Russia).  Chair - Prof. V. Shevchenko. Date - February  7, 2017.  9 21 30
9 Seminar with  lecture: 1)"Analytical solution to the 1D grating diffraction problem". Lecturer: A. . Shcherbakov (Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, Dolgoprudny, Moscow Reg., Russia).  Chair - Prof. V. Shevchenko. Date - March  7, 2017   7 19 26
10 Seminar with  two lectures: 1)"Methods of calculating the space-time characteristics of UWB aperture antennas". Lecturer: S. P. Skulkin  (Highest School of Economics, Nizhny Novgorod, Russia).  2)"Quasi-wave method".  Lecturer: R. L. Evelson (Moscow, Russia).  Chair - Prof. V. Shevchenko. Date - April 4, 2017.  8 20 28
11 Seminar with  lecture: 1)"Excitation and propagation of Sommerfeld-Zennek surface waves on conductive bare wire, strip and on bounded plane surface in the centimeter range of radio waves ". Lecturers: K.F. Sergeichev, D.M. Karfidov, Yu.E. Sizov, S.E. Andreev, V.I. Zhukov (A.M. Prokhorov General Physics Institute RAS, Moscow, Russia). 2) "On propagation of electromagnetic waves over sea surface".  Lecturers: V.V. Akhiyarov (Bauman Moscow STU, Russia), V. A. Kaloshin (Kotelnikov IRE RAS, Moscow, Russia). Chair - Prof. V. Shevchenko. Date - May  2, 2017   9 23 32
12 Antennas and Propagation Seminar in ITAE RAS with two lectures: 1)"RESULTS OF SETTING AND TESTING SEPARATE ELEMENTS OF A COMPACT RANGE". Lecturers: V.S. Solosin, N.P. Balabukha, A.S. Zubov,S.A. Fedorov (ITAE RAS, Moscow, Russia). 2) " QUIET ZONE PERFORMANCE IN COMPACT RANGE WITH FEED DISPLACEMENT".  Lecturers: A.S. Zubov, A.V. Nikitenko (ITAE RAS, Moscow, Russia). Chair Dr. V.N. Kisel. Date - May 16, 2017. 10 36 46
13 Antennas and Propagation Seminar in ITAE RAS with two lectures: 1) "features of the electromagnetic backscattering from intake with coatings". Lecturer: Dr. V.N. Kisel    (ITAE RAS, Moscow, Russia). 2)"The properties of electromagnetic radiation scattering by inhomogeneities of layered structures". Lecturers: R.S. Puzko, D.N. Kozlov, V.I. Fabelinsky, (ITAE RAS, Moscow, Russia). Chair - Acad. A.N. Lagarkov. Date - May 18, 2017. 8 37 45
14 Seminar with  two lectures: 1) "Strongly localized plasmons on periodically corrugated metal surface".  Lecturers: E. D. Chubchev (1), I. A. Nechepurenko (1), F. V. Dorofeenko (1,2),A. P. Vinogradov (1,2), and A. A. Lisyansky (3)  (1-Dukhov Research Institute for Automatics, Moscow, Russia; 2-Institute for Theoretical and Applied Electromagnetics RAS, Moscow, Russia; 3-The Graduate Center of the City University of New York, USA.).  2) "Optodynamics phenomena in moving resonators".  Lecturer: B. V. Melkumyan (Moscow University named after S.Yu. Vitte, Russia).  Chair - Prof. V. Shevchenko. Date - June 6, 2017 10 20 30
15 Seminar with  two lectures: 1) "Elementary particle of impulse wave field".  Lecturer: V. V. Shevchenko.   (IRE RAS  named. V.A. Kotel`nikov, Moscow, Russia);  2) "An invisible radially inhomogeneous lens with negative refractive index".  Lecturer: S. P. Skobelev  (Company "Radiofizika",Moscow , Russia).  Chair - Prof. V. Shevchenko.  Date - November 7, 2017 11 21 32
16 Seminar with  lecture: 1)"Mathematical modeling and structural-parametric synthesis of adaptive multi-beam reflector antennas". Lecturer: I. S. Polyanskii, (Academy of Federal Security Guard Service of Russian Federation, Orel, Russia).  Chair - Prof. V. Shevchenko. Date December  5, 2017  (PLANNED)      


 Total number of technical meetings in 2017                          : 


2. Our Goals and Plans for 2017:

3. The workshops, symposia,  etc. on 2017


Special session "Antennas and Propagation" on Russia Student Conference (REEPE-2017). Moscow IEEE AP-S Chapter was real organizer of Session . It was 15 presentations from students. Place   Antenna Department MPEI-TU (Moscow,Russia). 

Chair Prof. V. Permjakov. Date:  February 28, 2017

2 XV III Annual Conference of   ITAE  RAS (Moscow, Russia).  Chair - Academician A. Lagarkov. Secretary - Dr. A. Kunavin. Moscow APS Chapter was  Technical Co-Sponsor of this Conference. Dates:  May 15 -19 , 2017                      
3  Session "Antennas and Antenna Elements" on 26th International Crimean Microwave Conference "Microwave & Telecommunication Technology" (CriMiCo'2017) in Sevastopol. . Moscow IEEE APS Chapter will be real technical co-sponsor and main organizer "Antennas and Antenna Elements" session.   Dates  ~ September  6-12, 2017, place - Sevastopol National Technical University. 
4 Session "Applied Electrodynamics and Real-Time Systems" on Annual Student Conference at Moscow University of Physics and Technology at Dolgoprudny (near Moscow). Moscow IEEE APS Chapter will be co- organizer of this session. .   Date:  November 21, 2017.    

 Moscow APS Chapter Chair  Sergei Skobelev                              Last Correction Date: December 28 , 2017

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