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1999 Annual Report for Antennas & Propagation Chapter in Russia Section (Moscow)

(Awards: The Best APS Chapter 1997 & The Best APS Chapter 1998)

1. Basic Information

A. Number of APS members as of 31 January:





100 %



110.2 %



+10.2 %

B. Number of Technical Meetings:


24 (include 1 Conf+1 Soc+2 Adm)


20 (include 3 Conf+1Soc+3 Adm)

C. Average Meeting Attendance:







Percent Change




0.00 %




+6.5 %




+4.1 %

Please note: Number of meetings was corrected to 19 due  ICARSM’99 postponement !

D. Chapter Funds as of 1 January 1998: $ 00.00
E. Income from:
APS: $ 600.00 ,     Region 8: $ 450.00 ,      Russia Section: $ 300.00
F. Expenditures:
        Office expenses, payments to Internet providers,
        mailing via Express and Ordinary mail and Fax,
        operating costs and petty cash:                                  $ -300.00
        Purchasing of the technical books in English:          $ -150.00
        Financial Support to Attendees of IEEE meetings: $ -200.00
        Financial Support to ICARSM’99 preparing :           $ -600.00

End of Year Balance (as expected on 31 December 1999): $+ 100.00

G. Officers for 1999 (The election was held in December 01, 1998):



Vice Chair


Name Dimitry M. Sazonov Michael V. Isakov Sergei P. Skobelev
Address Spartakovskaja St.,
H 6 FL 31,
107066, Moscow,
F.Poletaeva St.,
H 17-2 Fl 75,
109378, Moscow,
Geroev Panfilovtsev St., 10,
JSC "Radiophysica", Antenna Department,
123363, Moscow, Russia
Phone +7(095)261 59 70 +7(095)379 45 33 +7(095)494 95 65
Fax +7(095)362 89 18 +7(095)362 89 38 -
Email dsazonov@postman.ru
imv@home.orbita.ru apex@glas.apc.org

The election of new 2000 officers was held  at November 02, 1999. It was no change in the above list of officers.

Financial Part 1999 Annual Report:
A. Chapter Funds as of 1 January 1999: $ 00.00 E.
B. Income during 1999 from: AP-S: 600.00 $ (Act Date 07.12.99) Other: 450.00 $ (Region 8, Act Date 07.12.99), + 150.00 $ (1998 Russia Section - Act Date 01.12.98) + 150.00 $ (1998 Russia Section - Act Date 07.12.99)
C. Expenditures:

Office expenses, payments to Internet providers, mailing via Express and Ordinary mail and Fax, operating costs and petty cash: $ -350.00
Purchasing of the technical books in English $ -100.00
Financial Support to Attendees of IEEE meetings: $ -200.00
Financial Support to ICARSM’99 preparing : $ -600.00

D. End of year balance (in US $, as of 31 December 1999): + 100.00 $

2. Summary of Activities for January - December 1999

No. Title of Activity Attendance





Administrative Meeting:1) Prof. Sazonov Report about Activity of Moscow IEEE APS Chapter in 1999; 2) Activity Plans of Moscow APS Chapter in 1999. January 05, 1999





Seminar with two 45 min reports: 1)Analysis of an Array of Circular Waveguides with Hard Walls on the Base of Strip-Loaded Dielectric Layers (Dr. Sergei P. Skobelev,JSC "Radiophizika", Moscow, and Prof. Per-Simon Kildal,Chalmers University, Goetenburg, Sweden); 2) About Grid Methods for the Fast Computing of Electromagnetic Fields (Dr.Boris A. Mishoustin MPEI-TU, Moscow). January 05,1999





Joined AP Session of Moscow University of Communication and Informatics Sci. Conference with our APS Chapter. It was 12 Papers(abstracts have been published in Conference Proceedings in Russian). Chair - Prof. V. Yerokhin (SM IEEE). January 27, 1999





Seminar with two 45 min reports: 1) On Quasiwave Solution of Sommerfeld Problem (Dr.R.L.Evelson, Moscow); 2) On Local Mossotti Field and Mixing Formulae for Permittivity, (Dr.A.P.Vinogradov, Moscow). February 02, 1999





Seminar with two 45 min reports: 1) The Peculiarities of a Focused Microwave Beams for Power Transmission (Dr.S.S. Shaposhnikov, Moscow); 2) The Mathematical Model for the Calculation of a Wire Antenna Performance in Condition of the Influence of a Stratified Medium (Dr. V.V. Bodrov, Dr. S.I. Romanov, Moscow) . March 02, 1999




6 Joined AP Session of Students Moscow Conference with our APS Chapter. It was 8 Students Papers (abstracts have been published in Conference Proceedings). Chair - Prof. V. Permjakov (IEEE Member).  March 03, 1999 11 7 +


Seminar with two 45 min reports: 1) Videopulse Propagation along Ideal-Conductive Cylinder in a Radially-Nonuniform Lossy Medium, (S.B. Popov, I.G. Yarmahov, Moscow); 2) Electromagnetic Data Link Analysis for a Mining-hole (Prof. G.A. Erokhin, Dr. V.G. Kocherzhevskij, Dr.T.A. Gajnutdinov, Dr. V.V. Shekshnya, Moscow). April 06, 1999





Adm. Chapter Meeting:1) Prof. D. Sazonov: Report about ICARSM-99 postponement and situation around VCD AD in Voronezh; 2) Questions/Answers & Discussion. May 11, 1999





Seminar with three 30 min reports: 1) Antenna Arrays with Rod-corrugated Elements. Experimental Results and Numerical Research of Two-dimensional Model (Dr. S.P.Skobelev, JSC "Radiophysics",Moscow); 2) Exponentialy Small Corrections to Geometric Optic Approximation (Dr. R.A. Egorchenkov, Prof. Yu.A. Kravtzov, Moscow); 3)On Cross Polarization Definition in Reflector Antenna Theory (Dr. B.L. Kogan, SRB MPEI, Moscow). May 11, 1999





The Fourth International Conference on Antennas, Radio Communication Systems and Means (ICARSM’99, Voronezh, May 25-28, 1999) . This fully prepared conference with 150 papers was postponed as a result of action taken by Voronezh police. In late March and early April all the conference working materials were removed from conference office by police, and the financial accounts of main organizer and financial sponsor of the meeting (VCB AD) were completely blocked. Please see details below (before the Report end).





Seminar with two 45 min reports: 1) Optimum Calculation of Surface (Current) Integrals in Antenna Theory, (Prof. V.N. Garmash, Prof. V.A. Kaloshin, Moscow); 2) Synthesis of Stepped and Gradient Index Dielectric Lenses in Geometrical Optics Approximation, (Dr. A.S. Venetskii, Prof. V.A. Kaloshin, IRE RAS, Moscow). June 01, 1999




12 Adm. Chapter Meeting jointly with Student Branch and Scientific Council Radio Faculty MPEI-TU with two reports: 1) Prof. D. Sazonov's (Branch Counselor) about MPEI-TU Student Branch Activity in 1998/99; 2) PhD Student A. Krivouletz's  (Branch Chair) about Student Branch Plan on 1999/2000. June 24, 1999 12 29+


13 Seminar with one 90 min report: 1) "Electromagnetic Field Theory for Complex Media Devices Using Integral Equation or Green Function Techniques" (Prof. Clifford M. Krowne from Microwave Technology Branch Electronics Science and Technology Division Naval Research Laboratory, Washington, DC, USA); 2) Discussion (30 min), June 29, 1999 13 22 35
14 Seminar with one 90 min report: 1) Kurkchan A.G., Soloveychik A.L. (Moscow, Russia) " On wave scattering by a periodical lattice with complex crosssection elements, located near a flat boundary between two media" . 2) Discussion (30 min), September 07, 1999 15 24 39
15 Joint Administrative Meeting APS and LEOS IEEE Chapters in Moscow: Report from D.M. Sazonov (Chapters Chairman): about Chapters Activity in January - September 1999 and New IEEE Members Recruitment.2) Discussion (30 min), September 07, 1999 15 24 39
16 Seminar with one 90 min report: 1) Dr. Fedianovich V.I. (Moscow, Russia) " Antennas on the basis of the several refracting media with identical refraction index" . 2) Discussion (30 min), November 02, 1999 22 26 48
17 Moscow APS Chapter Administrative Meeting with Chapter Officers Elections on Year 2000, November 02, 1999 22 26 48
18 Annual International Conference on Gyromagnetic Electronics and Electrodynamics (8th Moscow Section "Interaction of Electromagnetic Field with Complex Media) Moscow Region (Firsanovka).  Chairman of the Conference – Professor L.K. Mikhailovsky (MPEI-TU). November 12-14, 1999. 22 90 112


Joint Seminar with LEOS Chapter with three 30 min reports: 1) "Directivity of aperture antennas", (Dr. Povolotsky F.K., Dr. Khzmalyan A.D., Moscow); 2)"Theory and applications of complex rays", (Prof. Kravtsov Yu.A. - Moscow, Dr. Forbes F.G. - Australia, Dr. Asatryan A.A. - Moscow); 3)"Numerical realization of complex geometrical optics method", (Dr. Egorchenkov R.A., Prof. Kravtsov Yu.A., Moscow), December 07, 1999




20 Social Event: Charitable Evening in MPEI-TU cultural centre with entertainment for retired   teachers and specialists, Chairman - Prof. N.Udalov (LEOS), Honored Speaker - IEEE Life Fellow Member Acad. V. Kotelnikov, co-sponsors: MPEI-TU, Moscow IEEE APS Chapter, Moscow IEEE LEOS Chapter, December 12-14, 1999 22 220 242




3. How Did Your Chapter Improve Over Last Year?

5. What Are Our Difficulties?

It was all right with ICARSM prepartions until mid April 1999. The Advanced Program of Conference with more than 150 papers was published in Internet Worldwide with URL http://emlib.jpl.nasa.gov/EMLIB/ICARSM99/ at January 1999. But... But... But... Unfortunately, an unexpected situation has developed at the end of March - begin of April 1999 when all working materials of conference were unlawfully (as we believe) excepted by the Voronezh police from the conference office and the financial accounts of the main organizer and financial sponsor (JSC "VCB AD" with Dr. V. Sergeev as the Head) were unlawfully completely blocked. The reason consists of doing usual police service investigation in connection with a lawsuit against the VCB AD company, but our conference has nothing to do with that, that is why we think that such operations of the police are illegal. This means, anyway, that we are forced to postpone this conference.

Dr. V. Sergeev has informed the TPC that ICARSM'99 Proceedings (including all accepted papers) will be issued on CD-ROM. This will be done only in the case if illegal actions of Voronezh police office will be stopped.

The ICARSM'99 manager Dr. V. Sergeev has received the following letter(No.15/1-1325-98, from 19.05.99) from the Prosecutor's office of the Voronezh Region of Russian Federation:

To the chief of the Voronezh Construction Bureau Antenna Devices Mr. Sergeev V.I.

A letter from the IEEE President D. Schaubert has arrived in Voronezh Region Prosecutor's office, which calls for returning to you the documents, excepted during a corollary, and about lifting the arrest of your money account.

I articulate, that following the decision of Voronezh Region Prosecutor's office from 11.05.99 the previous order about arrest of the money resources of VCB AD is made void. The documents, not having an essential value for the ascertaining of true on matter, are returned to you.

The final judgement will be made after taking appropriate investigators actions, necessary for elimination of current contradictions and inspections of your reasons.

Signature:  Voronezh Region Prosecutor
                     The State Counsellor of Justice of the second class :                 A.V. Frolov

Comment: Actually only 2/3 materials in a part ICARSM'99 have been returned. The part of the reports on diskettes was not surrendered, license with ISBN - number was not surrendered. The draft of the typographical program was not surrendered... The illegal actions of Voronezh police office have not been stopped until now.

Thank You beforehand for contacting the APS-Chapter in Russia Section. If You are ever in Moscow come to our meeting. If that’s not possible, at least contact me or one of our officers. We Care and Share.

         Signature: Dimitry Sazonov, Chapter Chair