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(Chapter was established January 1, 1997)
This WEB- page has been crafted to provide a window on the activities of Russian Photonics Chapter  

       Moscow Photonics (earlier LEOS) Chapter was "Most Improved" in Year 2000, and five times "Chapter of the Year" (in 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004 and 2006). Moscow Photonics (earlier LEOS) Chapter in Russia Section also was Winner 2004 of the IEEE Region 8 "Chapter of the Year Contest" in category: "Small and Middle Size Chapters"

The field of interest of the Chapter shall be lasers, optical devices, optical fibers, and associated lightwave technology and their applications in systems and subsystems, in which the quantum electronic devices are key elements. The Society is concerned with the research, development, materials, design, manufacture, and applications of such devices and systems, and with the various scientific and technological activities which contribute to the useful expansion of the field of quantum electronics and applications.

 Call for Papers to our Conferences:

  •          Conference ITAE'2017   May 15-18, 2017, Moscow, Russia   

  •       Conference CriMiCo'2017  Sevastopol, Russia  (Sept  10 - 16, 2017) 

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